Centre interdisciplinaire sur les enjeux stratégiques (CIENS)

Maïlys Mangin, post-doc at CIENS, interviewed on the ENS-PSL website

Maïlys Mangin, a doctorate in political science, joined the Centre interdisciplinaire sur les enjeux stratégiques (CIENS) in November 2023, after three years at the Harvard Kennedy School as a Research Fellow in the ‘Managing the Atom’ programme. Her thesis, on the conversion of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to the fight against nuclear proliferation, […]

Yannick Pincé publishes an article in The Conversation

Yannick Pincé, a research associate at CIENS, has published an article co-authored by Benoît Grémare in the online magazine The Conversation analysing the consequences of enshrining nuclear weapons in the French Constitution. Read it here.

CIENS, guest on Arte

Yannick Pincé Historien au Centre Interdisciplinaire sur les Enjeux Stratégiques (CIENS) Zentrum für Strategische Herausforderungen (CIENS)

Yannick Pincé, CIENS associate researcher, debated Tuesday April 30 on Elisabeth Quin’s 28 minutes with Bruno Tertrais, deputy director of the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique and Laura Kayali, defense correspondent at Politico Europe. The guests reacted to President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on European defense and nuclear weapons. Watch the program here. Yannick Pincé has […]