Centre interdisciplinaire sur les enjeux stratégiques (CIENS)

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General Overview of Courses

In the first semester, we offer four general introductory courses (in 24H / 6 ECTS format):

Why deterrence? Introduction to strategic issues (Mélanie Rosselet)
History of nuclear deterrence (Frédéric Gloriant and Dominique Mongin)
Theories and political sociology of international relations (Pierre Ramond)
Art, culture and war (Céline Jurgensen)
In the second semester, we offer a range of more specialized courses (in 12H / 3 ECTS format):

  1. courses dedicated to new areas of conflictuality:

Cyber conflictuality: New conflicts in other theaters, or new theaters of the same conflicts (Gaëtan Poncelin de Raucourt and Hugo Zylberberg)
Space and strategic competition(s) (Lise Dubois and Guillaume Schlumberger)

  1. classic themes that we revisit:

Introduction to strategy (Corentin Brustlein and Guillaume Lasconjarias)
The risk of nuclear war in the 21st century. History and contemporary challenges of arms control and disarmament policies (Maïlys Mangin)

  1. two research seminars:

The strategic implications of artificial intelligence (Maïlys Mangin)
Chantiers d’histoire nucléaire : Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Italie, Ukraine… tour d’horizon de diverses trajectoires nucléaires européennes / “European Nuclear Trajectories” (Frédéric Gloriant and Pierre-Louis Six)
From March 4 to 8, 2024, we are also organizing a PSL-Week dedicated to “Major contemporary nuclear and strategic issues”, with a focus on the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

From the start of the academic year in September 2024, this offer will be structured into a minor, validated as part of the ENS Diploma, which will be designed to bring together all the training courses offered at the École in international relations, defense and security. This training offer is highly relevant for graduates of the Ecole Normale Supérieure interested in careers in international relations, whether in senior civil service – diplomacy or defense – or in research.

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